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Refrigerant R22 Genetron
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HVAC System Genetron ® 22 Is An Hcfc Refrigerant That Operates With High Pressure But Low Displacement Compressor. Genetron ® 22 Popular In Residential, Commercial And Industrial Applications. Honeywell Genetron ® 22 Is Also Used As An Intermediate To Produce Fluoropolymers And As A Blowing Agent In Rigid Foam Applications.

In Line With International Agreements On The Management Of Ozone-Depleting Chemicals, The Use Of Genetron ® 22 Is Progressively Being Phased Out Worldwide. In 2010 Most Countries Will No Longer Allow The Production Genetron ® 22 For Use In New Air Conditioning. In Addition, The Availability Of Refrigeration To Serve The People Still Using The System Will Reduce And Cease To Exist As Stocks Are Depleted.

Genetron ® 410A Will Take Place Genetron ® 22 In Most Of The New Ac And To A Lesser Extent Genetron ® 407C Will Also Be Used In Some Systems. 

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